Securities laws may cover ICOs – September 12

Current Bitcoin Price: $6290 (as of 8:00 AM PST)

It’s a quiet day with mostly red candles on the chart. While Bitcoin is almost exactly where it was yesterday, Ethereum has stooped down another 8%. Interestingly, Ripple’s price action seems to have depaired from ETH today, also holding still.

Today’s best performer among the top-100 is Dragonchain, up 7% leaving it with a $48 million market cap at rank 97. Among the top-10, Stellar is the coin to look out for, up 3%.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 12th September 2018

Securities laws may cover ICOs

The regulatory aspect of cryptocurrencies and their derivatives has been a huge concern for the casual investor: are they even allowed to invest in these digital assets, and what does it mean for their bookkeeping?

A Bloomberg article published yesterday outlined how a federal judge had ruled that securities laws may also cover ICOs — but not necessarily all of them. The decision comes in response to a criminal case in which digital assets were backed by real assets that didn’t exist.

Successful IOTA test in Netherlands

IOTA changed the cryptocurrency ecosystem with its Tangle-based ledger — which was then a novel invention among many blockchain-based coins — and it’s continuing to explore new opportunities.

Among this innovation, the Netherlands has just seen a successful series of tests for ElaadNL, which allows users to charge their electric cars before seamlessly paying with IOTA.

Genesis Vision to go live in October

Since there’s no more real news to cover today, we’ll take the unusual liberty of covering an up-and-coming project in the cryptocurrency space. We’ve chosen Genesis Vision based on its recent surge of popularity and announcements.

Genesis Vision allows users to invest their tokens in successful traders, which they can choose by looking at a transparent and tamper-proof summary of their previous trades. It’s set to go live at the end of October.