Shakepay: Turn spare change intro crypto – December 14

Current Bitcoin Price: $3245 (as of 9:00 AM PST)

Bitcoin has fallen down by more than 5% on the daily chart, today. Naturally, Ethereum and XRP have followed that price action closely, but many currencies are underperforming in comparison to those big three.

Take XLM, or Stellar, which has fallen by almost 10%, or Bitcoin Cash, which is down by more than 15%. Rather amusingly, Dogecoin is the major(ish) coin that’s taken the smallest hit today, down by just 1.5%.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 14th December 2018

Shakepay: Turn spare change intro crypto

Shakepay is a Canadian service for buying and selling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Its usability-focused design revolves around a clean mobile application with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet.

They’ve just announced a new feature which will allow their users to automatically convert spare change into cryptocurrency, by rounding purchases to the nearest dollar and buying crypto with the difference.

Chinese crypto users rise to 7.5 million

Earlier this year, the Chinese Central Bank had commented on the success of their ban on cryptocurrency exchanges. But how has that affected cryptocurrency adoption in the country?

According to a recent report, it hasn’t done much. In fact, the number of active cryptocurrency users in the country has risen to over 7.5 million.

90% of XMR before tail emission now mined

While the coin distribution model for Bitcoin revolves around a flat block reward which is halved every four years, XMR’s model involves a constantly decreasing block reward which will settle at 0.6 XMR per block in 2022 — this is known as the tail emission.

As another milestone, 90% of the XMR supply before it reaches tail emission has just been mined.