Steemit Social Platform Acquired by TRON – February 17

📈 30 Second Cryptocurrency Price Summary

Current Bitcoin Price$9,682

Bitcoin price tumbled hard over the weekend, smashing back through support at $10,000, to settle around $6,700 today.

Top-20 altcoins have also suffered, with XRP down 5% today, Ethereum down 3%, and Tezos losing a whopping 10%.

Top Stories for February 17, 2020 🔥

👉 Steemit Social Platform Acquired by TRON

Popular blockchain-based social media platform, Steemit, has been acquired by TRON founder Justin Sun.

The purchase was announced on Twitter yesterday, by Steemit founder Ned Scott. Justin Sun also posted on Medium about the acquisition, expressing his excitement in “ushering in a new era of decentralized social networking”.

👉 Brazilian Crypto Exchanges Suffer Following Regulation

Reports have shown that Brazilian cryptocurrency exchanges are not faring well, following a rise in regulation over the sector.

Two major cryptocurrency exchanges in the country have shut down, after facing the pressure of potential fines, and significantly reduced trading volumes.

👉 Binance Users Reporting Issues with Orders and Balances

Traders across the Binance community have taken to social media to express their concerns over issues with orders and balances.

Errors in the platform were allegedly failing to process orders, as well and displaying incorrect balances to its users.