Stellar launches Coinbase Earn program – March 27

Current Bitcoin Price: $4027 (as of 9:00 AM PST)

Yesterday the cryptocurrency market fell by an average of 1.5%, and today it’s turned around, trending upwards by more than 3.5% across the board. Bitcoin is up just under 2.5%, with XRP and Ethereum up 3.8% and 2.9% respectively. This has pushed XRP into second place on the charts.

EOS is performing above-average today, with gains of around 12%. In fact, several other major currencies are performing similarly well: Stellar, Cardano, and Ontology are all up about 10%.

Top Crypto News Stories for 27th March 2019

Stellar launches Coinbase Earn program

Recently Coinbase launched their Coinbase “Earn” platform, which allows users to watch cryptocurrency-related videos and read articles in order to earn small rewards to the tune of $10.

Stellar has just launched their own Coinbase Earn program. The Stellar Development Foundation has set aside a billion tokens to give out, so users can earn $10 themselves by consuming the materials, and a further $40 by referring friends to the programs.

$600k Bitcoin Cash theft identified

The Bitcoin Cash network is a little different from the Bitcoin network in a few ways. Notably, the Bitcoin Cash network doesn’t support SegWit, the latest technology being used on the Bitcoin core chain.

Over $600 thousand Bitcoin Cash tokens, which had been accidentally sent to unsupported SegWit addresses on the BCH network, have been sweeped up by a single individual. It might not be theft, but we’re sure it feels like it for the poor users who made the mistake!

Crypto cafe in Singapore continues business

As early as January 2018, Singapore had it’s first cryptocurrency-only business. The cafe, Ducatu Cafe, is a cashless eatery that exists to this day; you can only pay in the cryptocurrency, and the cafe has its own token!