Substratum claims fake partnership – October 25

Current Bitcoin Price: $6471 (as of 10:00 AM PST)

These days the cryptocurrency market is either up or down half a percent in any given 24 hour period. That’s true for today, with the price action pushing Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple down about a half a percent on average.

Looking further afield, top-30 coins Dogecoin and Decred have both fallen by more than 5%, following a trend they had set earlier this week.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 25th October 2018

Substratum claims fake partnership

Substratum is a blockchain project that aims to economize the storage of web content, with those who run nodes to host that content receiving a reward for it in the form of Substratum tokens (SUB).

The project, which has a market cap of over $40 million, has come under fire for claiming to have an exclusive partnership with the National Christian Foundation, which they have denied.

NANO founder Colin LeMahieu features on DashCast

Nicholas Merten is the host of DataDash, a popular cryptocurrency and finance related YouTube channel. He hosts the DashCast, a podcast featuring relevant guests in both spaces.

The latest guest is Colin LeMahieu, founder of one of Merten’s favorite cryptocurrency projects — NANO. The entire podcast is available with video on YouTube with the link above.

Tether destroys 500M USDT

Earlier this month Tether came under fire with allegations that not every coin was backed by a real US dollar. This outrage saw the coin’s price to fall below $0.90, from which it has promptly recovered.

They’ve just announced that they will be destroying 500M coins from the Tether treasury, in accordance with their whitepaper’s redemption process.