Major Swiss retailer to accept crypto – March 19

Current Bitcoin Price: $4021 (as of 8:00 AM PST)

Bitcoin has just broken over the $4000 mark for the umpteenth time in this multi-month churn cycle. That’s thanks to a one percent rise in its own price today, which has been matched closely by Ethereum and XRP.

Almost all cryptocurrencies are trading in the green up to a percent today. Stellar, however, is up three percent, while Cardano and Monero are up five percent and two percent respectively.

Top Crypto News Stories for 19th March 2019

Major Swiss retailer to accept crypto

Digitec Galaxus is Switzerland’s leading retailer, with a revenue of just under a billion dollars in 2018. The company is a more prominent retailer than Amazon is in the country.

The major retailer has made the decision to accept cryptocurrency payments, with a minimum payment of 200 Francs (around the same amount in dollars). Accepted coins include Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and others.

Visa hiring for crypto roles

Cryptocurrencies have long been viewed as an alternative to traditional forms of payment and payment processing, such as Visa and Mastercard. But would either of those two multinational companies ever let that happen?

As it turns out, Visa is hiring for its cryptocurrency product team. Responsibilities include, most notably, “managing the product strategy and roadmap for cryptocurrency related opportunities.”

XRP propaganda army uncovered

Shilling and F.U.D. are rampant in the cryptocurrency space, especially on social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter. Of course, certain projects are more prone to this activity than others.

Amazingly, over 8000 XRP-shilling bot accounts have been uncovered in a developing case of organized propaganda on the Twitter network.