Cryptocurrencies in the UK’s Times newspaper – June 21

Current Bitcoin Price: $6721 (as of 8:20 AM PST)

The market is down another percent or two today, leaving Bitcoin as $6721 and Ethereum at $530. This is true of most major cryptocurrencies, but that’s not to say some are resisting the depreciation.

Both NANO (#36) and Ethereum Classic (#18) are doing great — up 6 and 5 (onto yesterday’s 5) percent respectively, while Bytecoin (#24) has fallen a further 5 percent. Ontology (ONT, #19) and ICON (#23) have fallen around 5 percent too.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 21st June 2018

Cryptocurrencies in the UK’s Times newspaper

The Times is one of Great Britain’s leading broadsheet newspapers, and an estimated 400 thousand copies are circulated every day.

At 8 AM this Thursday, UK time, the Times published a newspaper with a 24 page pullout about cryptocurrencies, featuring explicit mentions of projects like Bitcoin and Ripple, as well as other advertised projects.

Enigma collaboration with Intel

Engima (ENG, #80) is certainly a lesser-known blockchain project, and it’s pushing to create an ultra private network without sacrificing on scalability.

Yesterday, the Enigma team announced a collaboration with Intel — one of the world’s leading technology companies — with an aim to collaborate on achieving the holy grail of scalable privacy.

Goldman Sachs CEO seems open to crypto

Goldman Sachs is a legendary investment banking group, and their CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, seems to have a pretty optimistic take on cryptocurrencies.

He’s said that “it’s too arrogant to say that Bitcoin will have no future”, and it sounds like that sentiment is echoed by the company as a whole.