Congressman Tom Emmer supports crypto innovation – July 18

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The Bitcoin chart had been pretty quiet since yesterday’s newsletter, until it quickly dropped from around $9750 to $9400, before spiking up to more than $10,500. With that, Bitcoin is up almost 9% over the last 24 hours, while Ethereum and XRP are up 4% and 2% respectively.

Top Stories for 18th July 2019 🔥

👉 Congressman Tom Emmer supports crypto innovation

Congressman Tom Emmer is a representative for Minnesota’s sixth congressional district. He has served in Congress since 2015.

At a recent hearing about cryptocurrencies, Emmer showed his support for innovation in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Of course, he took a negative stance on Libra, but was positive about traditional cryptocurrencies.

👉 Cryptocurrency volume manipulator tells his story

A recent issue that has caught the attention of the cryptocurrency space is that of fake volume. For as long as cryptocurrencies have existed, exchanges have reported fake volume statistics and wash trading has been rampant.

Alexey Andryunin is a 20 year-old Russian student who runs a business faking volume for cryptocurrency projects. He recently took part in an interview with Coindesk, where he shared his insights into the world of market manipulation.

👉 Earlier this week: Tether prints $5 billion by mistake

Although we didn’t report on it in any of this week’s newsletters, Tether accidentally printed $5 billion USDT tokens on Saturday last weekend.

Since then, all but $50 million of those tokens have been burnt, leaving the desired amount for an interaction with Poloniex, the popular cryptocurrency exchange.