ThePirateBay mining Monero on user’s computers – July 9

Current Bitcoin Price: $6717 (as of 7:50 AM PST)

Overall, this weekend has been a good one for the cryptocurrency market. Although there hasn’t been much action over the last 24 hours, the entire space shot up about 4% early Sunday morning.

Prices were relatively high this time yesterday, so it shouldn’t be too alarming to see that 24 hour charts are reading 10% down for Tezos (XTZ, #19), as well as 4% down for NEO, VeChain, and EOS.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 9th July 2018

ThePirateBay mining Monero on user’s computers

ThePirateBay is no doubt the web’s top destination for torrent files — including a whole host of illegally distributed films, books, and songs.

In order to support maintenance of TPB’s servers, they’ve begun mining Monero (XMR, #13) with their users’ CPU. This has been a controversial move on some websites, but users of TPB are open to the idea.

South Korean banks hold $2 billion in crypto

South Korea has been one of the most receptive nations when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Not only does the population hold plenty of crypto, there are also a number of large local exchanges.

Even the banks seem to be taking interest… reports suggest that the country’s financial institutions hold over $2 billion in cryptocurrency assets.

ION releases P2P video calls with IOTA tangle

Blockchain usage is a hot topic for discussion, and so is “tangle” usage when it comes to IOTA — which is built over its own take on a cryptographic platform.

The latest use for IOTA’s tangle is peer-to-peer video calls, which can be achieved 100% cost-free using a new service called ION.