VanEck withdraws from Bitcoin ETF – January 24

Current Bitcoin Price: $3580 (as of 10:00 AM PST)

As a whole, the cryptocurrency market has fallen by about half a percent today. That’s reflected in an 0.4% drop in both Bitcoin and XRP, and a more sizable 1.5% drop in Ethereum. Bitcoin Cash, which posted impressive gains of more than 4% yesterday, has undone all its hard work with a downturn of equal magnitude today.

Other than that, the market is mostly undecided: major coins are up or down by one or two percent across the board. Currencies following this pattern include Stellar, Monero, DASH, and many others.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 24th January 2018

VanEck withdraws from Bitcoin ETF

Bitcoin ETFs have been a long-awaited cryptocurrency derivative. The VanEck ETF — one of the first Bitcoin ETF applications to have been submitted to the SEC — has already been delayed twice and was due for a decision this month.

Yesterday, VanEck made the decision to withdraw their application for a Bitcoin ETF, claiming that they knew it was not going to be approved by the SEC. Interestingly, the market sentiment doesn’t seem to have changed a bit.

UK man arrested for stealing crypto

More than a year ago, an unidentified individual created an online cryptocurrency wallet for IOTA. Unbeknownst to the wallet’s users, he had been generating malicious seeds and was later able to steal more than 10 million Euros worth of the cryptocurrency.

Europol has today announced that British authorities arrested the man suspected of stealing the funds. He faces extradition to Germany where he will be tried for fraud, theft, and presumably a whole host of other charges!

Unconfirmed leak: hard wallet in Samsung S10

An ongoing story we’ve been covering this week is the possibility of Samsung including hard wallet functionality in their next smartphone, the Samsung S10.

An unconfirmed leak of photos on Reddit shows the “Samsung Blockchain KeyStore” in all its glory. It is still unclear whether or not the photo is real, and whether Samsung will in fact include a hard wallet in its S10 smartphones.