Venezuelan department store now accepts crypto – November 16

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The cryptocurrency market is stabilizing after the 10-15% drop we saw across digital assets earlier this week. Bitcoin has recovered a token one percent, while XRP and Ethereum are up three and one percent respectively. It’s a similar story across the board.

Stellar is the top-10 coin that’s standing proud today, up more than six percent, while Bitcoin Cash is the only top-10 coin down at all, by more than three percent, perhaps in light of its fork.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 16th November 2018

Venezuelan department store now accepts crypto

Everyone is talking about cryptocurrency adoption in emerging markets, but just how much is that the case? There’s been plenty of reports of users bartering with crypto in some of these countries, but what about the bigger players, like petrol stations and department stores?

In a huge move for the brand, Venezuelan department store chain Traki has decided to accept Bitcoin. One Reddit user writes — in the link provided above — that he thought it was “fake news” before he took the streets to buy supplies for kids in need with Bitcoin.

Substratum launches second ICO for $10 million

The Substratum project is valued at over $30 million, and aims to commoditize spare computing resources and sell them off to the highest bidder. In its token sale, it raised over $15 million, but that was back in September last year.

Since then, Substratum has launched its second ICO — looking to raise $10 million — for the Amplify Exchange project, which was originally a product of the core Substratum project. Naturally, investors are starting to get wary!

Ron Paul Tweet shows followers’ love for Bitcoin

Senator Ron Paul is a pro-cryptocurrency American politician, and he’s amassed quite an audience on Twitter for his libertarian view on things.

He recently posted a poll on his Twitter page, writing “A wealthy person gifts you $10,000. You get to choose in which form you’ll accept the gift. But there’s a catch: You must keep the gift in the form that you choose for 10 years without touching it. In which form would you accept the gift?”, to which around half of users voted for Bitcoin, among a choice of Federal Reserve Notes, gold, and US 10-year treasury bonds.