Walton plagiarizes Ethereum for mainnet – May 31

📈 30 Second Price Summary

Current Bitcoin Price$8352

The cryptocurrencies have been on a wild ride over the last few days. Yesterday, Bitcoin briefly spiked up over $9000 before falling back to previous levels; today it’s fallen a further 4%. Overall, the market is down an average of more than 6%, including 9% falls in Ethereum and XRP.

Top Stories for 31st May 2019 🔥

👉 Walton plagiarizes Ethereum for mainnet

Waltonchain is a cryptocurrency project that’s been around since September 2017,  raising millions of dollars of Ethereum in its ICO. The project is focused on blockchain integration in supply chain management processes.

Today, the Walton team unveiled their code for their new mainnet. A Reddit user has made the astute observation that the code is simply a rehashed version of Go-Ethereum, with a few labels changed and no new functionality added.

👉 Binance releases margin trading

Binance has been meaning to add margin trading to its exchange functionality for quite some today.

Today, they finally released the beta version of their margin trading platform with support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and a few others. Only two-times leverage is currently available.

👉 Dozens of millions of shorts and longs liquidated

If you’re wondering how Bitcoin shot up several hundred dollars yesterday, before plummeting down to its previous heights, then margin trading likely has something to do with it.

On BitMEX, dozens of millions of shorts and longs were liquidated (in that order), causing the price to briefly jump up before crashing back down.