Waltonchain chip enters mass production – June 6

Current Bitcoin Price: $7635 (as of 8:10 AM PST)

The charts are showing a lot of green today! All of the top 30 coins (barring just Tether, which is designed to approximate the price of the dollar) have appreciated in the last 24 hours, with Bitcoin up by just under 3% and Ethereum by just over 3%.

Both Binance Coin (BNB, #17) and Ontology (ONT, #19) are doing extremely well, up by 16 and 10 percent respectively.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 6th June 2018

Waltonchain chip enters mass production

Walton (WTC, #48) is one of the major supply chain coins, which seeks to create industrial implementations of blockchain technology with an Internet of Things approach.

This needs real-world data to work, measured with physical sensors and chips, which is why it’s extremely exciting to hear that Waltonchain’s infrared receiver chip has entered mass production.

Blockchain to be used in Korean customs clearance

Who would’ve thought that customs was one of the first places we’d see government-funded blockchain usage?

That’s the case in South Korea, where the Korea Customers Service (KCS) are looking to use blockchain technology to clear the import and export of e-commerce products.

SEC appoints new crypto advisor

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are starting to recognize cryptocurrencies and other blockchain assets as legitimate securities, and have been building up a designated crypto team.

The SEC has just appointed a new head for that team, Valeria A. Szczepanik — a supposed “cybersecurity veteran” with “keen awareness of the importance of fostering innovation”.