Craig Wright Pulls out of Settlement Agreement – November 4

📈 30 Second Cryptocurrency Price Summary

Current Bitcoin Price$9,209

Bitcoin spent the weekend travelling sideways yet again, ranging tightly between the $9,100 to $9,300 marks.

Top-20 altcoins remain fairly stable too, with price movements scattered between -1% and 1% for the majority of coins over the last 24 horus. XRP and Ethereum have remained almost unchanged, while TRON is the biggest mover, down 3%.

Top Stories for November 4, 2019 🔥

👉 Craig Wright Pulls out of Settlement Agreement

Craig Wright – perhaps best known for his claims of being Satoshi Nakamoto – has pulled out of his court settlement with former business partner David Kleiman’s estate.

The settlement would have involved Wright forfeiting half of his intellectual property and Bitcoin mined before 2014, however claimed that the coins were inaccessible.

Wright was accused of defrauding the estate in 2018, and the broken settlement will see the trial continue in 2020.

👉 New UK Crypto Tax Guide Declares Crypto as Neither Currency or Security

HMRC, the United Kingdom’s tax authority, has stated that cryptocurrencies are exempted from “stamp tax”, due to not being currencies nor marketable securities. The exception to this is if the cryptocurrency is used in a debit transaction.

Businesses are required to keep track of the estimated market value of cryptocurrency used in transactions.

👉 DX.Exchange to Shut Down Due to “Financial Hardship”

DX.Exchange, a NASDAQ-based cryptocurrency exchange, has halted its operations, due to a decision by its board of directors.

The cited reason was financial hardship, and the company is now seeking a sale or merger deal. If no deal is struck, the exchange will be permanently shut down.