xRapid goes live – October 2

Current Bitcoin Price: $6543 (as of 8:00 AM PST)

It’s another quiet day in the cryptocurrency market, with Bitcoin hovering just above the $6500 level. Hardly any of the major coins have budged today, shifting up or down by one percent tops.

NEM is the exception today, as it’s quickly shot up more than 12%. Bytecoin is also having another green day, up more than 7%. Interestingly, there’s not a single top-50 coin down more than 5% today.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 2nd October 2018

xRapid goes live

xRapid is the Ripple product that allows banks to carry out fast and low-cost payments using XRP. Last week, the project was seriously hyped up with its release rumored for this month, which caused the XRP price to spike.

Well, Ripple has delivered on their promise: xRapid is now live and commercially available for any of the financial institutions who want to start using it.

Send IOTA by email

One area that many currency coins are focusing on is making it possible for the everyday user to transact. That means no complicated wallets, long transaction times, and scary keys.

Delion is a new solution to sending IOTA. It allows users of the platform to send and receive IOTA tokens by email, just like when transacting with PayPal.

Lawsuit against Nano Foundation closed

Last year a popular Nano exchange called BitGrail suffered a terrible hack due to the owner’s negligence. Not only did this make for tens of thousands of unhappy holders, but it also caused the currency’s price to seriously tank.

A lawsuit opened against the Nano Foundation itself, and not the negligent exchange owner, was today dismissed due to the case “lacking merit”.