Zimbabwe crypto ban lifted – May 25

Current Bitcoin Price: $7484 (as of 8:05 AM PST)

It’s refreshing to see more than just red in today’s 24h price charts. In fact, the market seems relatively healthy — with some cryptos up a little and others down, but market growth on the whole.

While Bitcoin is where it was yesterday, price-wise, Ethereum and EOS are in the green by 3% and 5%, respectively. None of the top 100 coins have dropped more than 5%, which is definitely a good sign.

Now it’s time for today’s stories…

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 25th May 2018

Zimbabwe crypto ban lifted

Earlier this month, Zimbabwe’s central bank — The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe — laid out a ban preventing all banks and financial institutions in the country from serving crypto exchanges.

The ban has been lifted by The Harare High Court after the central bank failed to appear for court proceedings, in an appeal by Zimbabwe cryptocurrency exchange Golix.

Verge developer fails to fix exploit

Number 32 by market cap, Verge (XVG) has been hit by two major hacks this month, both using the same exploit.

A Verge developer recently attempted to fix the exploit (which really should have been fixed the first time around), but public speculation suggests that the so-called “fix” is still open for exploitation.

Pornhub cheats on “major” partner Verge

Verge claims that Pornhub is one of it’s “major” partners, and while this seems like an impressive partnership at first sight, how much salt does it really hold?

If there wasn’t already enough bad news for Verge, the crypto incentive for Pornhub’s so-called “Pornhub Games” isn’t XVG; instead, it will take the form of “Vice industry tokens” (don’t worry, we haven’t heard of them either).